EV Billing & Payments

Smart EV charging billing and payment solutions.
With our straightforward, safe, and dependable services, we assist your eMobility business strategy.

Deploy Charging stations and Start earning

For your locations and clusters, the platform provides the ability to generate and maintain Tariff Codes.
As a result, you have complete control over optimising your invoicing for EV charging and managing the revenue from your chargers.

All the way down to a single charge point, the billing information is simple to manage and modify.

Expanding CPO Billing Collaboration with Other eMSPs

By 2030, India is projected to have over 120 million electric vehicles (EVs), necessitating the implementation of EV smart charging. EVs have become the largest contributor to the electric load since the advent of air conditioning in the 1950s. This surge in EVs will significantly impact charging networks, given the current 3 million EVs on Indian roads.

Energy networks must accommodate the increased demand for charging stations without overwhelming the system. As EV owners plug in their vehicles after work, the evening peak in demand exacerbates negative grid effects. TeslaVolts, the market leader in EV Intelligent charging solutions, offers cutting-edge controllers technology that automatically adjusts the charging rate to available grid capacity, preventing overload and optimizing grid utilization.

CPO Reimbursement billing – your employees

If your employees charge their company-provided electric vehicles at home, the associated electricity costs are covered by private electricity costs.
Reimbursement billing makes it simple to reimburse these expenses.

For specific charge stations, the platform offers the ability to establish and manage EV charging payment rules.
These are generally employed to pay the owner of a charging station for electricity used when a separate end customer uses the charging station’s charge point.

eMSP Retail billing – your end customer

Charge detail records (CDRs) can be easily synced to your own CRM and ERP systems.
With the help of this integration, it is simple to send bills to clients who used your charge card or app at your charge points or at charge stations owned by third parties.
For your charge stations, establish your own EV charging billing criteria, and settle the charges for the charging sessions. The platform gives users the option to design and control charging rates for EV drivers.
This could be a start tariff or a time-based or volume-based tariff.

The software can also generate regular summaries of the retail sessions for each customer, including the volume and computed expenses of the charge sessions.