EV Charing App

Make it as simple as you can for your consumers to charge their EVs.
Our customers have a quick and simple way to charge thanks to our TeslaVolts EV charging app with AI Intelligent Charge Assist.

The only EV charging app your clients will ever need

Give your clients an EV charging app that is simple to use so they can locate your charge sites, start and stop charging, and conveniently pay after the charging session.
TeslaVoltsApp is accessible on chargers linked to our EV charging network in India.

Your charging stations will be accessible to all EV drivers and networks after you register as an operator on our platform so they can find and use them.
Additionally, your company brand will display your charge points.

Give Customers control

Innovative charging solutions

India and many other nations now have the TeslaVolts EV App operational.
To provide their consumers a wide range of innovations, including smart charging, payments, and real-time charging updates, TeslaVolts offers TeslaVolts EV App to Charge Point Operators.

With the help of TeslaVolts, CPOs can provide EV drivers with personalized AI Intelligent Smart Charging options, with which they may communicate via the app.
Additionally, operators have the option to restrict who can access chargers through an app.

Easy and quick payments

Through our official payments EV Wallet & partner platform Google, we utilise the most cutting-edge and secure payment options from Google, UPI, Paytm & Others.
PSD2 and PCI standards are fully met by TeslaVolts EV App.
The software allows users to enter their EV Wallet or Credit Card as their preferred payment option, which enables payments through e-mobility service providers.

Choose your own integration