Oil & Gas companies

Gas and oil industries can benefit from intelligent EV charging options. TeslaVolts is here to support you as you embrace the EV industry and get closer to the energy revolution.
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Business of EV charging for Oil and Gas companies

The emergence of electric vehicles has indisputably revolutionized the transportation landscape in recent times. This leads to an interesting question – What’s next for oil and gas companies?

Global oil corporations have started to recognize this shift and are consequently making significant investments in the EV charging infrastructure market. Many businesses are also adapting their traditional fuel stations to accommodate EV chargers.

These developments are just a few examples of how oil and gas companies are balancing the need to meet the world’s growing energy demands while striving to minimize emissions.

Empower your clients with an EV charging infrastructure

The demand for charging stations is rising due to the excess of EVs on the road, which has a significant influence on oil and gas firms as the number of EVs grows.
You will gain from this revolution in the production of sustainable energy if you can adapt to shifting consumer expectations and help your clients decide to cut their emissions.

Powering a large Charge Point Operator is TeslaVolts

Public charge points are part of the EV infrastructure that Boltz administers.
Boltz required in-depth real-time status information, remote commands, and thorough reports that are connected to their internal systems in order to manage so many chargers.
TeslaVolts then provided Boltz with our software solution, which gave them the information they needed to do their own data analysis and make use of the customer support features.

Oil and gas firms use our solution

Create your own EV charging infrastructure using our software.
With the help of our software, you can easily get started in the EV charging industry and pick up new skills along the way.
Roaming, billing, and smart charging are all essential capabilities that the software can provide you with to help you advance in the EV industry.
We provide packages for our EV charging station software that are both managed and entirely outsourced.