We make it easy for charge point operators and mobility service providers to comply with E-AMRIT initiative of Indian Government 

Full regulatory compliance Software

Our platform makes it possible to communicate charge session data in a secure and open manner, assisting CPOs and EMSPs in fulfilling their mandates to give drivers access to charge session metre data in the app itself.
Direct metre data transmission from charging stations to the TeslaVolts backend via the OCPP protocol results in automatic processing and database storage in a secure environment.

E-AMRIT-compliant roaming

Our platform ensures the smooth transfer of meter values from CPO to EMSP. We utilize the latest roaming protocol versions like OCPI 2.1 and OICP 2.2, sharing meter data in the charge detail record (CDR) notes field. By adapting to new protocols and local market requirements, we consistently support our customers’ compliance needs for seamless and continuous service.

E-AMRIT whitepaper

Scaling a public charging network in the Indian market requires adherence to EV regulations.
Download our free whitepaper to learn how to handle your chargers securely and shield your company from lawsuits.

E-Amrit is a one-stop destination for all information on electric vehicles–busting myths around the adoption of EVs, their purchase, investment opportunities, policies and subsidies.

The statement says, “The portal has been developed and hosted by NITI Aayog under a collaborative knowledge exchange programme with the UK government and as part of the UK-India Joint Roadmap 2030, signed by the Prime Ministers of the two countries.”

Transparent billing

Our platform supports the seamless transfer of meter values from CPO to EMSP. We include meter data in the remarks field of the charge detail record (CDR), which allows us to share this information through current roaming protocol versions, such as OCPI 2.1 and OICP 2.2Our solution keeps pace as protocols and local market regulations evolve, ensuring ongoing support of our customers’ compliancy needs in the best way possible. 

Price transparency

TeslaVolts provides EV drivers with a government-certified transparency software to remotely verify charging session meter readings. This software establishes an efficient baseline for consumer protection, ensuring fair and non-discriminatory EV charging costs.

As part of our initiative, partners benefit from our intelligent cost monitoring and billing software algorithm, known as SAFE (Simple Accurate Financial Emulator). With TeslaVolts, trust in EV charging accuracy and cost transparency is enhanced for a seamless and equitable charging experience.