EV Fleet Management

Optimize EV charging with our EV fleet management software. Our EV fleet management is a user-friendly solution to effectively manage electric vehicles.


Simple EV fleet management

With the help of our EV fleet management application, you can easily see, control, and monitor fleet activity as well as assist drivers as required.
Because our EV charging software is cloud-based, support can be provided remotely, which will save you time and money.
Our EV charging platform will guarantee that the management of your EV fleet is customizable to your needs and specifications and that it is simple to integrate with your own software and ERP systems.

Real-time insights in charging behaviour

Real-time insights in charging behavior provide immediate, valuable information on how electric vehicles are charged. This data enables users, operators, and businesses to monitor charging sessions, track progress, optimize operations, and make informed decisions. Users can view their charging status, track patterns, and receive notifications.

Operators gain visibility into utilization and occupancy rates for effective management. Businesses analyze charging behavior to tailor services and marketing strategies. Real-time insights empower stakeholders to optimize charging operations, enhance user experiences, and contribute to the growth of the electric vehicle ecosystem.

complete control over fleet car EV charging

Reimbursement billing and the ability to quickly start and halt transactions via an intuitive interface are both necessary for managing a large fleet.
Additionally, features like scheduling when an EV driver comes, determining whether a charger is available and whether they can reserve one, and determining what happens if you don’t remove your EV on time could be used.

The platform gives users the option to generate and manage contact information about pertinent EV drivers, including information about the customer group they belong to, any applicable retail packages, and potential cost centre information.
Additionally, the website gives users the option to establish and manage car details, such as their battery’s capacity, state, and (estimated) departure time.

Features of our EV fleet management software