Remote Management for EV

An EV charging network has never been easier to manage.
Make the most of your operations by gaining insight into your charging network.

wide-Ranging EV remote administration

Our smart charging solution for electric vehicles comes from the cloud. As a result, Intelligent charging can be connected to an infinite number of charging stations.

Increasing the local grid’s capacity frequently necessitates costly cables, larger transformer stations, and consequently capital expenditures of millions of dollars for larger structures.
There is no requirement to upgrade with pricey cables or connection extensions when using EV Intelligent charging.

Control your EV charging stations

Since every charge point is connected to the cloud, it is possible to communicate with each one in real-time and send commands for firmware updates, remote transaction control, and charge point resets.

For each charging station, a detailed overview of notifications, transactions, and metre values is provided, as well as a summary of static data like location, hardware, and manufacturer.
Maintain a sound charging infrastructure for EV drivers by keeping an eye on your charging network.

In-Depth Insights into Individual EV Charging Points

Teslavolts offers detailed views of each charging point, allowing customers to zoom in on specific stations. Explore both static (e.g., address and external ID) and dynamic (e.g., last signal, socket state, and transaction notifications) information, enabling seamless assistance to EV drivers in real-time.

Access comprehensive Charge Detail Records (CDRs) for completed charging sessions, generated in batches on a daily or nearly real-time basis. Empower data-driven decisions and optimize charging station performance.

Remote Functionalities & Management