EV charging infrastructure

Build a more intelligent EV charging infrastructure.
With our cloud-based EV charging platform, we assist businesses all over the world in setting up their own EV charging infrastructure.

Strategic Approaches for EV Charging Infrastructure

Different EVs require varied charging possibilities and sites, leading to a highly localized need for charging points considering distinct regional and national requirements.

Our cloud-based EV charging platform facilitates all such business models for creating a robust EV charging infrastructure.

Public Charging

Due to high vehicle concentration, structural constraints, and lack of private parking, urban areas demonstrate the highest demand for public charging.

Public charging networks not only provide increased charging support but also extend the driving range of EVs. The provision of additional public charging stations will enhance the user experience significantly.

Leveraging our advanced cloud-based EV charging technology, EESL plans to establish and oversee up to 20,000 new EV charging stations, catering to the needs of Indian Metropolitan Regions Electric.

Business Charging

Employers can provide simple, clear, and sustainable office space fees to their staff and guests.
Any location, such as a parking lot, where cars are left parked for the majority of the day, is a good candidate for a workplace EV charging unit. One of the leading companies offering electric mobility in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa is TeslaEV eMobility.
Take a look at how they use our cloud-based platform to support their business model.

Fleet Charging

With governmental regulations in India increasingly restricting the use of internal combustion engine vehicles in urban zones, future-proofing your company is essential through fleet electrification.

Transitioning to an electric fleet not only promotes sustainability but also significantly cuts down operational costs via reduced fuel and maintenance expenses.

Our platform solution simplifies the process for fleet operators to migrate to entirely electric vehicles, thereby facilitating this crucial transition.

Hyper-Fast Charging

For larger fleets and long-distance trips, DC rapid charging is essential.
Instead of overnight or many hours of charging their EVs for a full charge, this form of charging enables drivers to recharge their vehicles briefly during the course of their day.

Deliver an accessible, cost-effective, and sustainably powered fast charging network to your EV drivers to fundamentally change the experience of driving an electric vehicle.

Home Charging

At Teslavolts, we ensure our clients have a seamless charging experience, especially with our managed home charging infrastructure. However, as the demand for electric vehicles grows, energy networks face the challenge of avoiding grid overload. This is where our intelligent EV charging solutions come into play.

With Teslavolts controllers, we enable efficient and smart charging that can adapt to variations in energy demand, preventing grid overload and ensuring a reliable charging ecosystem. Our technology is crucial in overcoming these obstacles and supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Experience the future of EV charging with Teslavolts.