Electric Vehicle Charging as a Service (EV CaaS) is a specialized commercial service designed for electric vehicle (EV) owners and operators. It enables them to conveniently request on-demand EV charging services when their vehicle’s battery is running low or out of range.

What is EV-CaaS?

Teslavolts EV Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a convenient solution that ensures electric vehicles receive a charge when their battery levels are low. Our dedicated technicians deliver a range of 125-250 kilometers, enabling the vehicle to reach its intended destination.

This service provides businesses with the assurance of readily available EV charging whenever required. To simplify charge management and requests, Teslavolts provides access to a user-friendly app and portal.

Through these platforms, users can easily request charges, monitor the state of charge (SOC) of their vehicles, and access comprehensive data and reports for efficient operations.

Unleash the Potential of Teslavolts EV-IC3 Technology

Teslavolts EV-IC3, an innovative mobile EV charging system, has the capability to deliver up to 90 kW of power, ensuring rapid DC fast charging wherever and whenever it’s required.

We harness the power of Teslavolts EV-IC3 to energize our EV charging delivery services & Fleet Solutions. These units are strategically designed to go mobile with our delivery vans, enabling the seamless provision of energy to businesses.

Experience the Benefits:

  • Lightning-Fast DC Charging
  • Portable EV Charging on the Go
  • Freedom from Grid Constraints
  • Charge Anywhere, Anytime

DC Fast Charging with the EV-CaaS

Charging on the Go

Our team of EV charging delivery technicians is equipped to deliver the charge directly to your vehicle, no matter where it's parked.

On-Time EV Charging

We promise delivery of Level 3 EV charging within a 90-minute window to ensure the seamless efficiency of your business.

Universal Compatibility

Our charging solutions are designed to work seamlessly with every EV model available & customizable options to enhance EV charging experience.

On-demand EV charging

Eliminate any worries about range anxiety by using our convenient and mobile electric vehicle (EV) on-demand charging service.

Power Up On the Go with Teslavolts Mobile Charging-as-a-Service

Teslavolts provides a reliable and convenient mobile EV charging solution with their Charging As A Service. This service takes care of all aspects of charging infrastructure, including site design, installation, ongoing operations, and maintenance, ensuring that EV drivers can charge their vehicles with confidence.

With a 99.9% charge readiness guarantee, Teslavolts’ Charging As A Service is a reliable and hassle-free way for EV drivers to power up on the go.

Power Up with Teslavolts Renewable Energy Mobile Charging Stations

Teslavolts’ Mobile Renewable Energy Charging Stations offer a convenient and sustainable solution for EV charging. These stations are equipped with a range of features and benefits.

New Energy Integrated Charging Station: This station is designed to be combined with PV panels, energy storage batteries, bidirectional converters, and charging facilities, using a modular and standardized design concept. This allows for a rapid and flexible deployment of the station, making it easy to set up and use.