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Find your next EV charging station with TeslaVolts EV App, the best EV charging station app

the best EV charging station app

Give your clients an EV charging app that is simple to use so they can locate your charge sites, start and stop charging, and conveniently pay after the charging session.
TeslaVolts EV App is accessible on chargers linked to our EV charging network in India.

Thanks to all the features available on the TeslaVolts EV App, it is the best EV charging station app to help all the electric car drivers in INDIA plan their EV trip.

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Extend the capabilities of your EV with features integrations available with TeslaVolts App. Many of the integrations listed below are available exclusively through TeslaVolts EV charging Software.

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TeslaVolts Electric Vehicle Trip Planner

TeslaVolts EV App aggregates all the charging stations in INDIA in an easy to use interface. With its search feature and filter option, you can easily find the nearest public charging stations for your electric car.

Find all the charging stations along your route and get turn-by-turn directions to your next charging point. With the TeslaVolts EV trip planner you can:

  • Quickly find your next charging point with the filter tool and search feature
  • Know the distance in km or miles to your next charging point
  • Get the directions using Google maps.

Join a vibrant community that is committed to helping anyone charge everywhere. Host your charger or Add a new public charging station when you see one. Check-in, leave comments, add photos and edit the station information while you are using it.

Trip Planner tips and tricks

First, be sure to open the trip planner panel by clicking the tab on the left side of the charging stations map page.

Now, click the Trip Planner button at the top left of the sidebar. When enabled, the word “ON” will be shown.

  • When in Trip Planner mode, right click anywhere on the map to access the option of setting that location as your starting point or end destination.
  • You can click and drag on your current trip to change the route, or the start & end points.
  • In order to save a trip, you must be logged in to your TeslaVolts EV account
Enter Your Trip Details
  • Choose a unit of measurement: Metric or Imperial
  • Enter your starting and ending point
  • Expand the options menu to choose the:
  1. Station distance from route
  2. Distance (km/miles) between the stations
Save And Share Your EV Trip
  • Save your trip
  • Access to your saved trips by clicking the load icon
  • Share your trip with other electric vehicles drivers
Get Turn-By-Turn Directions

After you select a start & end point, click the “find routes” button, it will proceed to map out all the stations that meet your criteria and then allow you to select which ones you want to include in your trip.

To do this, click on a map-marker and use the “add-to-trip” button that appears in the top-right of the station details sidebar on the right

  • Add the stations you plan on charging at to your EV trip
  • Click on the directions icon to get the turn-by-turn directions
  • Click Go to Google Maps to get the directions in Google Maps

Easy and quick payments

TeslaVolts employs cutting-edge and secure payment options like Google, UPI, Paytm & others via our official payments EV Wallet & partner platform.

Our TeslaVolts EV App fully complies with PSD2 and PCI standards. Users can conveniently enter their EV Wallet or Credit Card as their preferred payment option, facilitating seamless payments with e-mobility service providers. Enjoy hassle-free and secure transactions with TeslaVolts.

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